“Loved the presentation of “Musical Adjectives” game by Dr. Fischler. It is so flexible for individuals, groups, and all levels.” (CI, Teacher)

“10 year old Kennedy liked playing the Musical Words board game so much that she wanted to tell other teachers all about it so they could use it with their students. As a teacher, I like the fact that this game pushes the student to COMMUNICATE musical ideas. This is an excellent tool for performance preparation as well as improvisation practice.” (Dana Rice, teacher, blogger)

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Jumpstart your own and your students’ creativity with the popular tried and true board game Musical Words.  Have fun as you deepen connections to musical emotion and character. 

• Individual or team play • Add your own words • Great for all instruments, levels & group sizes • Secret word challenges • Obstacle and reward cards • Play improv style or use recordings • Perfect for all styles of music • Laminated for years of fun
Included: 1 Game Board, 48 Game Cards, 1 Game Board, Directions & Tips (Design by Shiloe Fontes
Musical Words Fully Laminated ($18) or Digital Download ($8.00) from Teachers Pay Teachers (multiple licenses available)

Go to the Fistful of Notes Store on Teachers Pay Teachers

Why teachers and students love Musical Words

“The great thing about Musical Words that many games don’t do is that it gets the students playing, sight-reading, improvising and really paying attention to what the character of the piece is and how they can portray that to their listeners.” (Jennifer Fox, Teacher, Clinician, Blogger) Read Full Review Here

“…music teachers are happy to embrace modern technology, but something needs to be said for good old fashioned board games too. After trying out this game with my pupils, I would whole heartedly recommend MUSICAL WORDS to you as a supplement for your summer camp programmes or individual and class music lessons. It would offer bags of fun, encourage improvisation and would really open up a fab way to the world of creativity.” (Elena Cobb, Pianist, Composer, Creator of the Higgledy Piggledy Jazz series) Read Full Review Here

“As music teachers we are often prone to feeding endless technical and musical instructions to our students. ”wrist up! shoulders down! play that staccato! you are slowing down here!” While these instructions are great, should we not also be stimulating their creative imaginations so they add character to their interpretations? Well, the board game Musical Words is designed to do just that!” (Sam Rao, Creator Practicia App)

“I tried to build in a lot of flexibility when designing this game so teachers could use the board and basic game format to supplement work in different areas from dynamics & expression, to mood & character, to music history & style. Players can Improvise, perform live, or use recordings. Sometimes I’m asked, “Why a board game? Everybody wants apps now.” I answer, “Because this is about musical meaning and expression, an app would just not do the job.” Musical Words is interactive and is played live, in person, and with others.” (Gail Fischler, creator Musical Words)

Get started with Musical Words. Check out Ideas & Tips: Hacking Musical Words under My Teaching Tools at the top of this page!