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Piano Addict is the place for all piano enthusiasts: students & teachers, avocational & professional, classical, jazz, new age, & more.  Connect with other piano addicts, muse, discover, and catch up on pedagogy, news, reviews, and this n’ that.  Be sure to check out our newest columns, The Enterprising Pianist, The Adaptable Pianist, and Piano Makers’ Corner.

Piano Addict was born as Studio Black’nWhite in 2006. It was designed to be a place that my students, taught at 3 different studio locations in Arizona, could connect with and learn from each other.

The site soon outgrew its format and went public as Piano Addict in 2008. In 2010, Piano Addict moved to WordPress and has continued to evolve into the site you see today which is read by piano lovers worldwide. Friend, like, follow, tweet, pin and more via the Piano Addict social media accounts. You can find links to the Piano Addict feeds in the right hand column of every Piano Addict page.

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