Some American pianistic fireworks in honor of The Glorious 4th! These are the best kind of fireworks for us in Arizona since our state has mostly been on fire lately. And yes, I know that Debussy snuck in about 10 days early and neither he or Wagner are American but I really couldn’t resist. Besides, the traditional grand finale to most 4th of July firework shows is a piece by a Russian involving cannons.

Enjoy and Happy 4th!

Horowitz-Sousa: Stars & Stripes

Anderson & Roe: Cantina Band from Star Wars

Wild-Gershwin: I Got Rhythm

Plowright: Banjo by Gottschalk

Previn: Barber Excursions 1 & 2

Hamelin: Debussy Fireworks

Casadesus: Debussy Fireworks

Waller & Johnson: Rare duet

Waller: Handful of Keys

Ferrante & Teicher: Va Va Voom

Liberace: 12th Street Rag (2 ways)

Ride of the Valkyries 8 Pianist Extravaganza


This post was originally published in July 2011

Photo: M.H. Fischler

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