Pianos are incredible instruments.

Not just in size.

Or their elaborate internal mechanisms.

Or the beautiful music that they are capable of creating.

Pianos are incredible because they are capable of telling stories about their owners.

Sitting down and looking at this hundred year old Steinway O that we are in the process of fully restoring, makes me wonder about the family history it has been a part of.

Pianos have their own tree rings, however, these rings don’t just tell the age and are found mostly on the outside of the piano.

For example, did the round water stain indicate a very lively party, in which the pianist or even someone who was greatly enjoying the music, forgot to place their glass on a coaster?

Did the piece of gum, stuck underneath the piano keyboard, come from someone who was reluctant to part with his or her tasty treat?

Were the chalk marks, found underneath the piano, made by children who were playing house?

Ley Piano has actually had customers who have not allowed our technicians to fix a broken piece or to repaint a piano, because the damage was done by a loved one and they want to keep the memento on the piano. Technicians understand that pianos are not just a piece of furniture, but a part of the household that holds sentimental value.

We sometimes forget that a piano is one of the most expensive objects a person could ever have in their home. When we are entrusted to repair these beautiful instruments and it is an honor for us to share the history of each family.

Daniel Ley

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