file0002041935844Summer is a time that I have some breathing room in my life. I can get to some projects that have been on hold, clean my closets and reorganize. I have time to travel. I can try out some new ideas without being under time constraints. I have time to experience life with some of the larger commitments gone.

Sometimes this leads to a real change in priorities. Do I really need this something in my life or can I let it go and focus on this other thing? Other times all I need to do is reshuffle things a bit. This summer I realized that a project I am passionate about needed a total revamping in order for it to reach it’s full potential. It was a hard thing, even a sad thing to have to do. But I felt much lighter afterward.

Don’t be afraid to let go of something and go in a different direction or even to cut way back and give yourself a breather. You can’t know what is really important until you have some peace to ponder your life. Actually, you can’t be creative at all if you are going flat out 24/7. So, keep the big rocks and then put back some old and a few new small ones.

Or maybe… Throw out a big rock and get a new shiny one.

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