Here are the winning entries in our Chicken yolk contest. Both entered via Facebook.

Why did the chicken cross the piano keys? The drummer wanted it’s drumsticks. (drum roll please for Amy Hansel)

Which came first the chicken or the piano? The piano came first. Then came the chicken who proceeded to peck out a little Bach, Bach, Bach. (Congrats to Marj Oleske who is first in the pecking order on this one)

Here’s an eggciting bonus for you all since I missed putting together SuiteLinks this past week. Thank you all for reading and supporting Piano Addict. Enjoy and stay cool! (It’s 108 F here)

jazzhenThis poster from the Jazz Jamboree Festival inspired both a laugh and a contest! The best answer to either of these 2 jokes wins a copy of my new Musical Words Game. Answer as a comment to this post please.

1. Why did the chicken cross the piano keys?

2. Which came first the chicken or the piano?


Deadline: Monday June 9 5pm MST.

Winners will be chosen from among all answers on social media and this blog post by myself and a committee. Our decision is final.

Winners consent to have their answers published on this blog and on associated social media. Initials may be substituted for full names at your request. Winners will be contacted via email so check your spam/junk folders on Tuesday June 10.

Please Note: Winners from outside the continental US will need to pay their own shipping costs. 

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