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SuiteLinks: February 25

In this SuiteLinks: Chico & Rita a tale of singer-pianist love, Comedy & Musical Structure,  Moth derails Trifonov, Appoggiatura Apologia, Why arts education is necessary, Van Cliburn art items to be auctioned, Ramsey Lewis out of the box, On competitions & creativity, and more!

How to avoid “The Bubble”

How much practice is too much?

How to stay creative

Comedy & Musical Structure 1

Comedy & Musical Structure 2

Appoggiatura Apologia

Arts Education: Right & Necessary

Nixon gives Truman piano for library 3/20/69

Van Cliburn’s personal art collection items to be sold

Remembering Mike Melvoin

Ramsey Lewis out of the box

Competitions are for horses

Trifonov undone by moth

Animated Chico & Rita tells tale of love between singer and pianist

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