In this SuiteLinks: Eleanor Sokoloff at 97, Playing piano after being shot in the hand, What would you save in a disaster?, May 1949: Truman plays for Grandma Moses, New instruments made of jello?, Denk tackles fffffff, and more!

Jazz pianist plays- audience or not

Lief Ove Andsnes at Carnegie Hall

New instruments: Jello + high tech

Why I would save my piano in a disaster

Piano again after fingers reattached + therapy

Pop Up Pianos future at risk

Eleanor Sokoloff at 97

Reconsidering applause

Aaron Diehl on Piano Jazz

Jeremy Denk tackles ffffffff in Ligiti

May 6, 1949: Truman plays for Grandma Moses

Music to soothe man’s best friend

Joyce Hatto film to be shot in Ireland

Dinnerstein on Performance Today

Six String Competition adds keyboard division

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