Adam Gyorgy grinned as we began our Skyping. I could imagine that he had just bounded into the room. “ I’m sorry we are late. [we weren’t] I was at Carnegie Hall doing some pre-recording. We comb our hair, we look in the mirror. We want to adjust our playing we listen to ourselves. I think recording is the best medication. You are recording this? Let me change and I’ll call back in 2 minutes—2 minutes I promise.”

30 seconds later we were up and running.

Adam has an energy and enthusiasm about him that is infectious. It is there when he talks about music, when he talks about teaching, his foundation, his academy, the potential of young artists he meets on his worldwide tours, languages, and soccer.

When Adam, was little he drew all his pictures upside down. Everyone, including the doctor, thought there was something seriously wrong in his head until one day his Dad realized he was merely making his drawings so the person sitting across from him would see them right side up.

Today, just as he used to draw for the observer, he makes music for his audiences. “Arts is about performing and building connections between people. It’s not a horse race. Competition is very important but at the same time, the audience, my friends, and fans- I think about them when I am on the road and spend most of my time enjoying arts and enjoying what I am doing.”

Adam is currently performing all over the world, recording, pursuing a doctorate at the Liszt Academy, teaching and giving masterclasses, and serving as director of the Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy, a summer piano institute in Budapest.

His newest project to come to fruition is the Adam Gyorgy Foundation which, after 6 years of planning and fundraising, had it’s official big launch” (Adam’s words) with a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall Sunday, January 29 at 3 pm. The concert included classical repertoire and the improvisations for which he is well known. A CD of the performance will be released this fall so everyone will have the opportunity to hear it. Adam talks more about teaching, performing, improvisation,the foundation, and this event in the video above.

To be entered into a drawing for one of 3 CD’s (we already gave away 2 on the Piano Addict FB page), comment on this post before 12 pm EST Thursday Feb. 2. 


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