In this SuiteLinks: Breaking the 4 minute musical mile, John Terauds says goodbye, A ragtime pianist, a conductor & a neurologist walked into…, September Monk International Jazz Competition, Song rights: the battle begins, Honoring Elvina Pearce, a 2 part interview with Jeffrey Kahane, Chat with a 15 year old pianist & blogger, Praising Brahms, and more!

John Terauds says goodbye to both piano teacher & his job as a critic

On virtuosity and breaking the musical 4 minute mile

Piano the forte of former refugee

4 track mind: a ragtime pianist, a conductor, & a neurologist

Monk International Jazz Competition 

Piano dangerous in Ten Cents a Dance

Song rights battle begins

Helping kids compose great works

Honoring Elvina Pearce 

Interview with Jeffrey Kahane

Jeffrey Kahane interview part 2

Muscular Fortepiano 

Chatting with Elena

Bach Beethoven & BRAHMS

Puckering up for a concerto 

Young pianist inspired by camp in Prague

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