In this SuiteLinks: Yuen’s piano skills help his hockey game, New music and recordings, Artistic inbreeding, Unlocking Mozart on Fortepiano, Funny bone transplant, 13 yr. old subway pianist eyes Julliard, Cure for concert coughs?, New musical advice blog column from CAIC, Trills & more trills, and more!

Haydn sonatas

Driven to compose

Broken Branches: 16 movement sonata

Corigliano’s Winging It

Schoenberg’s Piano Career

105 year old Mrs. Day plays for reunion

Young street pianist eyes Julliard

Live broadcast from Tchaikovsky Comp

New musical advice blog column

Funny bone transplant saves girl’s arm

Yuen’s piano skills help hockey game

Mozart on Fortepiano

Ervin Laszlo: Simply Genius

Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen

Cure for those pesky coughs

Victor Borge improvises


More trills

Perils of artistic inbreeding

History of Modern Music Timeline

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